Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soon ! Flash Engine 4

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to announce FlashEngine 4 release in one-two weeks.

What's new in FlashEngine 4:
  • Fully rewritten engine
  • Support both Flash ActveX and Flash Netscape Plugin (used in FireFox, Opera and Safary)
  • Added Mac OS X Platform and Lazarus (Linux soon)
  • Better performance
  • Invisible flash component (better only for flash grabbing)
  • Full integration with VGScene (TdxFlash object) and DXScene (TvgFlash object)
  • and much more
This is screenshot from Mac OS Leopard:

With Best Regards,


Monday, November 23, 2009

My Lazarus Patch Applied !

Dear Friends,

Now my Lazarus patch applied and now VGScene & DXScene fully editable in Lazarus IDE. I'll release new version at 24-25 November - with full Lazarus support in Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lazarus Editing

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to post this news about full Lazarus editing support. All property editors and design-time mouse interaction support. See screenshot from Lazarus for Windows:

But to allow this i made few changes in Lazarus sources. I post this changes to Lazarus forum and may be this change will applied to Lazarus sources tree.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DXScene 3.00 and VGScene 3.00 available

Dear Friends,

I happy to announce next major updates of two our projects.

What's new in DXScene:
+ Added: Linux Platform Support
+ Added: ScreenBounds property to TdxVisualObject
+ Added: Mesa OpenGL Rendered
+ Added: Software Rendering sample using Mesa OpenGL
+ Added: Bitmap can load from stream all supported format
+ Added: Cool Particle engine
+ Added: ParticleEmitter
+ Added: Particle Designer
+ Added: Flatness property to 3DText and 3DPath
+ Added: Show selection of objects when multiply object selected in IDE
+ Added: Multiselection in IDE
+ Added: Lazarus project for samples
+ Improved: GUI mouse handling
+ Improved: GUI rendering - now more clear
+ Improved: GUI window moving and resizing
+ Improved: Better Lazarus support on all platform
+ Improved: IDE selection
+ Fixed: Incorrect lighting of polygon and 3D text
+ Fixed: Many small bugs
+ Removed: newton.dll from resource

What's new in VGScene:

+ Added: Full Linux Platform Support
+ Added: Bitmap can load from stream all supported format
+ Added: TrackBar keyboard support
+ Added: PathGen sources
+ Added: PathData.Flatten method
+ Added: Canvas.TextToPath method
+ Added: Multiselection in IDE
+ Added: Show selection of objects when multiply object selected in IDE
+ Added: Cool Ribbon style and example
+ Added: Lazarus project for samples
+ Improved: Path now stored as binary for better performance
+ Improved: Path internal data storage
+ Improved: Better Lazarus support on all platform
+ Improved: IDE selection
+ Fixed: Many small bugs


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Linux Support - Soon

Dear Friends,

Finally i'm happy to post this news about full Linux support in VGScene and DXScene. This is a screenshots from Ubuntu 9.10. Both products use GTK2. VGScene GTK and Cairo Graphics. DXScene GTK and OpenGL. Linux support added to final product in next major updates (will available in Nov-Dec'09).

VGScene CtrlsDemo:
DXScene Demos:Lazarus Design-time:


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

VGScene Ribbon Sample - Coming Soon

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to show first screenshot of VGScene's Ribbon Demo.

This new example and new style will available in one of next release.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VGScene 2.90

Dear Friends,

I'm glad to inform about new release of VGScene.

What's new:
  • Added: Cairo Graphics canvas - beta Linux support
  • Added: PathGen - tool for convert font to VGScene's path
  • Added: MessagePopup function and TvgMessagePopup control
  • Added: TvgButton.StaysPressed proeprty
  • Added: TvgLabel.AutoSize property
  • Added: ExcludeMask property to Glow and Shadow effect
  • Added: New animation interplolation modes - see AnimationType and Interpolation property
  • Added: New AniTest sample
  • Improved: AniDemo sample
  • Fixed: Effects with rotation
  • Removed: TvgAnimation.Friction property
About Linux edition

VGScene 2.90 have beta version of new canvas - TvgCairoCanvas. This canvas use Cairo Graphics and allow to add support of Linux OS (Gtk2 based). Soon i place screenshots in this blog.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New HUD Controls

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to announce new HUD controls. New HUD Windows fully customizable. And all HUD controls adopt to new HUD Window. Just a screenshot:
With best regards,


Monday, September 21, 2009

VGScene 2.70 & DXScene 2.70

Dear Friends,

New VGScene and DXScene are uploaded.

What's new:
  • Added: New ListBox demo
  • Added: TvgListBox.Columns property
  • Added: TvgListBox.ItemWidth and TvgListBox.ItemHeight properties
  • Added: TvgSelection.GripSize property
  • Added: TvgAngleButton.Tracking property
  • Added: TvgAngleButton.ShowValue property
  • Added: ReflectionEffect's offset can now be negative
  • Improved: Reflection effect - 2x faster
  • Improved: TvgAngleButton behavior
  • Fixed: Enter key handled two times
  • Fixed: Path editor cause Delphi Application not responding
  • Fixed: Memory leaks on Bevel effect
New Listbox in actions:

With Best Regards,

Eugene Kryukov

Monday, September 7, 2009

RAD Studio 2010 Support

Dear Friends,

I'm glad to inform about Delphi 2010 support on all our products.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

VGScene & DXScene 2.60

Dear sirs,

I'm happy to announce new versions of VGScene and DXScene.

What's New:

+ Added: DisableInterpolation property to TvgImage
+ Improved: Unicode support
+ Fixed: Major bug in DirectX canvas (DXScene)
+ Fixed: Few minor bugs

This is screenshot of updated unicode typing:


Thursday, July 30, 2009

VGScene 2.30

Just look at screenshot - AeroGlass and VGScene - new feature of VGScene:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

DXScene 2.15 & VGScene 2.20

Native OS drag & drop and VCL drag and drop features. Drag animation, highlight and much more.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

VGScene 2 - Full Skinning Engine

VGScene 2 have full skinning engine. Now you can apply styles to all controls very easy. VGScene 2 have cool exists styles - Dark, Modern, Vista.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Flash Engine version 3.00 just released


We're happy to announce that Flash Engine version 3.00 just released.

What's New:

  • Added: New flash streaming core - now SWF, XML, FLV can be loaded from any sources
  • Added: Movie property now support FLV files and params as GET protocol
  • Added: Now all data loaded in asynchronous streaming mode
  • Added: Powerful FLV player with skinnable GUI
  • Added: Volume property
  • Added: CowerFlow example
  • Added: Rotate3D example
  • Added: FlashEngine Dll and sample
  • Added: DirectX example
  • Fixed: Many little bugs
With Best Regards,

Eugene Kryukov

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

DXScene 1.50 Preview

Hello All,

This screenshot shown new feature of the DXScene & VGScene integration. Now VGScene can be included to real 3D world of DXScene.
And now VGScene can be edited at design-time in 3D scene.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I'm happy to announce that VGScene version 1.80 just released.

What's new:
  • Added: 3 new examples
  • Added: TvgSplitter control
  • Added: TvgGrid layout control
  • Added: VGScene's binding core
  • Improved: New animation core - additional thread, more accuracy, minimal CPU usage, automatic FPS correction
  • Improved: Inspector object
  • Fixed: Few minor bugs