Friday, November 12, 2010

ImageFX on Mac

Dear Friends,

I'm finishing porting our modern tools called ImageFX to Mac OS X. On Mac OS ImageFX use OpenGL fragment programs. Also i rewrite ImageFX core. Now it is more clear and better. New version will support Lazarus for Windows and Mac OS X. Also i start to developing shader editor - for easy developing of custom filters.

This is screenshot of Mac version:

This is new FXHouse - rewritten using VGScene. Now FXHouse called FXShow and available only as binary.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Better iOS Support

Dear Friends,

Today i was upload new our FPC build, now it contains VGScene units and samples. Full support iOS simulator and device.

Changed Wiki article:

And new Delphi to Xcode converter - link in Wiki.

Now development for iOS with VGScene become very easy.

Just Screenshots:


Monday, November 1, 2010

Full Direct 2D Support and new WIC Image Filter

Dear Friends,

Last two weeks i worked to add full Direct 2D support in VGScene & DXScene. And now this work finished. Also i was add new WIC (Windows Imaging Component) filter for imaging i/o.

This is screenshot of CtrlsDemo:

This is link to Direct 2D based CtrlsDemo:

And now to set Direct 2D Canvas as default - just add two lines in main unit. Like this:


If application running on Windows XP - Direct2D canvas not loaded and automatically used GDI+.