Wednesday, June 23, 2010

VCL Control Layout

Dear Friends,

Today we release new update of VGScene and DXScene.

VCL Control Layout

New version have new object TvgNonVGLayout. Using this object you can easy layout VCL controls. Also this object check visibility of object and show/hide VCL control.

What's new:
+ Added: Public FontFill and SelectionFill properties for text editor
+ Added: TvgCanvas.LoadFontFromStream method to load private font
+ Added: New ListBox feature - odd item filling
+ Added: TvgNonVGLayout object - easy alignment VCL controls - see Layout Demo
+ Added: FileName property to TvgResources - allow to load resource from file
+ Update: Styles
+ Update: Layout demo
+ Improved: Styles
+ Improved: SVG export tool - text and polygon objects added
+ Fixed: Enabled not work on color controls
+ Fixed: Few minor bugs


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