Thursday, March 11, 2010

Direct2D & DirectWrite Preview

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to announce first preview implementation of the Microsoft Direct2D and DirectWrite API in VGScene. Not all features are implemented yet. This is APIs only available on Window 7.
This is screenshot:

VGScene is a first Delphi library which use this modern APIs. Please download compiled sample and try it. I need your feedback.

Download Sample (only for Windows 7)


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Jon said...

'I'm very interested in gui floating around in hardware accelerated heaven. MacOSX and Iphone is very nice that way, and I look forward to see an amazing implementation of animation, antialiasing and user feedback effects in Windows 8 (provided they do not overdo it and slow the user down :)

Is there a set framerate Direct2D renders at, or is it limited to CPU and GPU speed? I have a CRT at 85hz, and I am looking into 120hz LCDs such as the GD245HQ or Alienware OptX AW2310. People can see difference of 60 and 120hz, and that makes the UI and mouse feel more responsive and smooth.

What im trying to say is I want 120fps gpu accelerated gui in Windows 8. I get about 32fps today, thats what Fraps say, at least. Even when i'm not recording.


Windows 7 64bit
Core 2 Quad q6700
GeForce GTX 285 driver 197.13 wddm 1.1 i think