Thursday, December 17, 2009

Soon ! Flash Engine 4

Dear Friends,

I'm happy to announce FlashEngine 4 release in one-two weeks.

What's new in FlashEngine 4:
  • Fully rewritten engine
  • Support both Flash ActveX and Flash Netscape Plugin (used in FireFox, Opera and Safary)
  • Added Mac OS X Platform and Lazarus (Linux soon)
  • Better performance
  • Invisible flash component (better only for flash grabbing)
  • Full integration with VGScene (TdxFlash object) and DXScene (TvgFlash object)
  • and much more
This is screenshot from Mac OS Leopard:

With Best Regards,



威廷 said...
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gustavo said...

Do you have plans to support silverlight ActiveX too? It would be great as since version 3 they support hosting the SL activex control.

Congrats for the component. It seems amazing.

Eugene Kryukov said...

Yes we have a plan to add Silverlight support. But i can't say when.