Tuesday, October 13, 2009

VGScene 2.90

Dear Friends,

I'm glad to inform about new release of VGScene.

What's new:
  • Added: Cairo Graphics canvas - beta Linux support
  • Added: PathGen - tool for convert font to VGScene's path
  • Added: MessagePopup function and TvgMessagePopup control
  • Added: TvgButton.StaysPressed proeprty
  • Added: TvgLabel.AutoSize property
  • Added: ExcludeMask property to Glow and Shadow effect
  • Added: New animation interplolation modes - see AnimationType and Interpolation property
  • Added: New AniTest sample
  • Improved: AniDemo sample
  • Fixed: Effects with rotation
  • Removed: TvgAnimation.Friction property
About Linux edition

VGScene 2.90 have beta version of new canvas - TvgCairoCanvas. This canvas use Cairo Graphics and allow to add support of Linux OS (Gtk2 based). Soon i place screenshots in this blog.


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