Monday, September 21, 2009

VGScene 2.70 & DXScene 2.70

Dear Friends,

New VGScene and DXScene are uploaded.

What's new:
  • Added: New ListBox demo
  • Added: TvgListBox.Columns property
  • Added: TvgListBox.ItemWidth and TvgListBox.ItemHeight properties
  • Added: TvgSelection.GripSize property
  • Added: TvgAngleButton.Tracking property
  • Added: TvgAngleButton.ShowValue property
  • Added: ReflectionEffect's offset can now be negative
  • Improved: Reflection effect - 2x faster
  • Improved: TvgAngleButton behavior
  • Fixed: Enter key handled two times
  • Fixed: Path editor cause Delphi Application not responding
  • Fixed: Memory leaks on Bevel effect
New Listbox in actions:

With Best Regards,

Eugene Kryukov

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