Thursday, October 9, 2008

VGScene 1.10 just released

VGScene is a suite of native Delphi/C++Builder components for develop rich applications for desktop like Adobe AIR or Microsoft WPF.

  • Fast realtime anti-alised 2D vector graphics engine
  • WYSIWYG design-time designer and property editors
  • Alpha blending, gradient and special visual filling
  • Full 2D transformation - rotation, scale, translate
  • Text file format for styles definition
  • Resolution independed GUI
  • A set of built-in controls is provided as part of VGScene, containing items such as button, textbox, and list box.
  • VGScene provides shape primitives for 2D graphics along with a built-in set of brushes, pens, geometries, and transforms
  • Easy to use time-based animation and transition effects
  • VGScene provides for bitmap effects, however, they are rendered in software. Special effects such as dropshadows and blurring are built in.
  • Path object have SVG, WPF path data format
  • Very easy to use and powerful layouts. The child elements are recursively arranged by their parents.
  • Alpha transparency forms
  • Built-in support for using PNG images with alpha transparency
  • Unicode enabled
What's new:
  • Added: BitmapMargins property to TvgImage
  • Added: New IDE Bitmap Designer
  • Added: New TvgSelection object
  • Added: New TvgPaintBox control
  • Fixed: Png write error on Delphi 2009 and C++ Builder 2009
  • Update: Documentation

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